PADOC holds obedience classes beginning in September and ending in the spring.  Classes start at puppy  and go right up to classes for competition.

We also offer classes in rally obedience, conformation handling and special coaching/practices for the canine good neighbour (CGN) test. 

All classes are held at St James Church, 221 Romaine St.,  Peterborough.  Proof of current Rabies vaccination is required for both registered and drop in classes.




 To register, please reach out using the contact page

Spring Classes 2024

  • Obedience - Competitive
  • Tuesday, April 9th , April 23, April 30 and May 7th
  • 5 - 6 pm for 4 weeks - $100.00

  • Rally
  • Tuesday, April 23rd, May 7th, May 14th, May 21st. May 28th and June 4th
  • 6:15 - 7:30 pm for 6 weeks - $150.00


  • Fundamentals
  • Wednesday, April 24th, May 8th, May 15th, May 22nd, May 29th and June 5th
  • 6:15 - 7 pm for 6 weeks - $150.00






 To register for a class please email; or fill in our contact form.  You can also call  705-876-8708 and leave a message with a call back number.  


Class Descriptions:

FUNdamentals for the family pet:
Learn how to bring out the best in your dog by using positive reinforcement training in a class designed for dogs that have never taken a training class before. Throughout this six or eight-week course, we will teach you how to set your dog up to succeed. With confidence comes a trust  and bond that will last a lifetime. You will become your dog's teacher as they learn how to sit, down, sit nicely for petting, walk nicely on leash, greet other dogs politely, leave it, stay, and come when called, and we’ll have some fun with doggy sports and teach them some tricks. Learn games that are actually a training session in disguise. This is the class your dog will thank you for taking.  

Intermediate  Obedience:

This class is designed for dogs that have been taught the basics in our FUNdamentals class or elsewhere. Dogs will learn how to walk nicely on leash, come when called, stay, go to your mat, anti-jumping and much more. As the class progresses, formal obedience will be introduced such as heel, front, finish and figure eights. We will be training using a reward based system. Please bring a flat collar, martingale collar, or head halter and a six foot leash as well as some small soft treats. 

Advanced Obedience:

The advanced class is designed for dogs that have completed a basic obedience class and are ready to go on to more challenging activities such as heeling off leash, recalls, group stays and an introduction to competitive ring procedures.  Off leash control is an important skill for your dog to master as it is the basis of other dog sports such as rally and agility.   Each week will include some fun exercises as well.  We will be using positive reinforcement such as small treats and verbal praise to encourage our dogs to focus on achieving these new skills. 

Intro to Competitive Obedience:

This class is aimed at those who want to enter formal obedience events.  We will not only be practicing the exercises but will go over rules of performance, acceptable behaviour in and out of the ring and will share some trialling tips that we have learned over the years.  Intended for dogs at the pre-novice and novice level.

Competitive Obedience:

The class will focus mostly on Open exercises and will include off leash practice, fronts and finishes. The class will review trialing tips and etiquette. People should have their dogs trained at least to pre-novice level. Everyone should bring a crate for their dog, a dumbell and lots of high value treats.

Rally Obedience:    

The chief objective of rally is to provide a fast-moving, fun and motivational activity that demonstrates a handler and dog’s competency in basic obedience exercises without requiring exact precision for success. Dogs in rally events should demonstrate willingness and enjoyment. To that end, handlers may use praise and encouragement throughout the rally course. Great for beginners and the more experienced competitor and a fun exercise to show off what you have both learned in classes!  

In the novice class, the focus is on learning the signs and getting the students and their dogs comfortable with running patterns and completing the signs/course aptly.  It is expected that students would be first time competitors/young dog owners.  In an intermediate class, the focus would be on learning intermediate/Advanced signs and honing skills.  These students would have taken a rally course, be familiar with most rules but need help to learn more signs, and practice, practice practice.

Conformation Handling

This class will teach you show ring procedures and help you to become comfortable in the show ring.  With proper handling of your dog it will assist you in bringing out their best attributes.

We also encourage future handlers, the juniors, to attend to learn the craft. 


Canine Good Neighbour - CGN

 The Canine Good Neighbour Program is a 12-step test, that when completed successfully, will ensure that one of our most favoured companions, the dog, is accepted as a valued member of our communities right across the country. Canine Good Neighbours can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs.

The test is non-competitive and allows dog and handler to demonstrate confidence and control in 12 steps. It assesses the handler and dog's relationship, together with the handler's ability to control the dog. Dogs are evaluated on their ability to perform basic exercises as well as their ability to demonstrate good manners in everyday situations. It is a CKC  test and if successful you will receive a certificate from the CKC






We are always happy to have new members join the club.  Become a member of the club and enjoy discounted classes plus training nights.