Meet the Instructors

Kimberly Hoard 
our past President ( 2014-2016), started learning about training dogs in 2000 with her first dog Tally.   Together they did some basic obedience and agility. Tally now has her Agility Dog of Canada title. 
 Kimberly got her first Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Cedar in 2003 and has had many successes in agility, obedience, rally and field.  Cedar has just earned his MOTCH.  That is just about as high as you can go in Obedience.   Some of his other titles include Agility trial Champion, Masters Steeplechase Dog of Canada, Canine Good Neighbour, Rally Advanced and a Working Certificate.  Cedar and Kimberly have also qualified and competed at the Nationals level for 3 years. 

 Kimberly has a new challenge with her female Toller, Hazyl. Hazyl has achieved her Companion Dog title and her Rally Novice title and is working towards agility titles. Kimberly’s Wheaten X “Pearl” enjoys learning new tricks and is learning basic obedience and competition agility. 

 Kimberly feels it is important to further educate herself by attending seminars and workshops on training and dog related issues. She has trained and learned from several excellent trainers including Sylvia Reeve, Ricki Abrams, Sue Miller and Lane White. 

She chooses to use reward based training and believes to use the “least intrusive “ method first. Kimberly teaches basic and Intermediate obedience classes. Kimberly believes that with some time spent training your dog, you can have a well behaved  and respected member of society that is welcome almost everywhere you go.

Kimberly is our instructor on Monday evenings teaching Intermediate obedience.

Shelly Lacey          is our current President. Shelly teaches the FUNdamentals course for puppies and young dogs that haven’t
taken any obedience lessons before on Tuesday evenings.

Shelly has been a member of PADOC since 2007 when she attended classes with her dog Coach.  Since that time, Shelly has been trained and mentored under other instructors to teach the FUNdamentals class.  Shelly brings the knowledge she has gained from countless seminars and training sessions to the class to help her students and dogs.  Shelly is also a Canine Massage Therapist.  Shelly’s philosophy for dog training is that a tired dog is a good dog.  She encourages her students to be active with their dogs, keep them training, keep them thinking and they will be wonderful family companions.
Shelly and Coach (Weimaraner) worked together at Obedience and earned Coach’s CD title.  He also achieved his CGN title (Canine Good Neighbour).  Coach was active in Rally Obedience and Agility as well.  He passed away all too soon before they could achieve more together.
Shelly’s new dog, Kruz, is a Weimaraner as well and together they are active in the Conformation Ring earning several points toward his Championship for both Canada and the United States.  Kruz is active in obedience lessons and has achieved 2 of 3 passing scores on his Rally Novice Title.  Kruz is also training and trialing in Field work.  He will begin Agility lessons in the fall/winter 2016.  There will be other dog sports in Kruz’s future like tracking, scent detection and retrieving.


Sylvia Reeve is the current voice on our registration line. 
She has been training dogs and helping others to train their dogs for over twenty five years.   She started with the Bytown Dog Obedience Club in Ottawa where she apprenticed for three years with senior instructors to qualify for independent teaching.  She ran her own classes for several years in Ennismore before coming to our club.  As well as achieving Obedience Trial Championships on two of her shelties, Sylvia has trained each of her dogs in the sport of Rally-O and continues to compete in both disciplines.  She is a strong believer in the positive method of training and having fun with your dog.

.Sylvia teaches advanced obedience and Rally O